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Shocking news for Bangladesh Cricket?

Head Coach Shane Jurgensen shakes hands with Shakib Al HasanWhile playing in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Tamim Iqbal has communicated with Coach Shane Jurgensen via e-mail. He was startled by the news he received from Jurgensen, “We have to play in the qualification matches before the T20 World Cup 2014.” [Watch Video Clip: Roof Breaking Six by Tamim Iqbal]

Shakib Al Hasan had the same reaction when he heard the news from Tamim Iqbal yesterday at a show held by Pepsi. Despite the 2014 T-20 World Cup being held in Bangladesh, the Team might still not get the opportunity to participate in the most interesting part of the tournament.

The acting chief of BCB, Nizamuddin Chowdhury, explained, “The ICC Associated countries have to play the qualification matches in November at United Arab Emirates. The top six countries from this tournament will play with against the ninth and tenth positioned countries according to the October 2012 T-20 rankings, which is Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. The best two teams from this episode will play in the Super Ten or the second phase of World Cup with the top eight ranked Countries.”

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe will belong to two different groups in the first stage. Each group will also consist of 3 associated countries. The champions of the two groups will get their ticket to the Super Ten. This means if Bangladesh Team is not the group champion, they will be guests in the T-20 World Cup’s main event. It may be surprising that these changes of rules were not known earlier by BCB’s chief selector Akram Khan and many others. There was no obvious explanation for why they did not know about these rules. The news suddenly came to the cricketers, and they are somewhat distressed.

Tamim said, “We should have been informed earlier about it. Mental preparation is also needed for the World Cup. If the rules have to be like this, could we not play more T-20 matches in the last season as a practice for the World Cup?”


  1. Faruque Hossain Mithu

    how funny………..

  2. why dont we stick the boot up bloody ICC,s FAt ass

  3. Papon r Bacha ki boshe boshe muri khai , shala ghas kathte president hoise . Ar koto din india r bacha der kotha moto cholbo amra . Baper beta hoye thakle india vs bangladesh final de dekhi ke jete ……

  4. I think,our tiger's overcome this exam.

  5. Duvvu ramesh kumar reddy

    It is stupid news, ICC rules are stupid because bangladesh & zimbabwe are not associate teams they got test status! They informed very late, why? After arrangements are over in bangladesh even new grounds are built & that grounds are going to be ready in between this type of news after realising the T20 worldcup by bangladesh president & rahim! Definately it is shocking news for whole bangla nation! But one think i should say to fans & BCB cancel the tournment in bangladesh now itself if this type of news comes from ICC rules & fans should strike in streets after this sudden nonsense news! bangladesh prime minister sheik hasina should give interest about this matter & media should react seriously expecially ntv news channel & government should give holiday about this nonsense matter! Plz!

  6. this is nt a fair decision icc . always host team play direct without qualify round.

  7. The ICC are fools. Bangladesh should boycott the tournament.

  8. I have a question. Currently Ireland is ranked 9 and Bangladesh is ranked 10, following is Scotland in 9 and Zimbabwe in 12. It doesn't really make sense how an associate will have to play a rank 9 team when the team ranked 9 is an associate. Similarly Does associates that are higher ranked than fulls member have to play full members who are beneath them. I think this story is just a rumor. If its true then great for Bangladesh, We get to see 3 more games in November ahead of the world cup. Otherwise especially in the next month the rankings might change

  9. wth. when did this happen?